Adhere to the beginning of the heart to m50f service reputation Weiwang plastic

Adhere to the beginning of the heart to serve the reputation in the plastic M50F Wei Wang just past the Guangzhou auto show, as in the past, the star has made people feel young model, visual fatigue. But there is a car prices, but through a simple listing will successfully attracted everyone’s attention. At the Guangzhou auto show media day, Beiqi Wei Wang flagship MPV Weiwang M50F officially listed, the new car is divided into 1.3T and 1.5L displacement of two a total of 6 models, the price range of 6.78-9.18 million. What surprised us is still at the scene of the Almighty Wei Wang announced the high-end MPV [free] happiness with "customer service policy. So real new car market, so that all kinds of tricks have been immune media were unprepared". Beiqi Wei Wang in the end is to move through the method of offbeat Bo eye, or if they really are the car a stream? To this end, we conducted an interview with Wei Wang of Beiqi shares division sales company service department minister Zou Liwu. Conform to the high-end market with free happiness "as Weiwang M50F officially listed, winwon formed a product matrix M+S, officially entered the economic type passenger car market. Standing on the threshold of looking back, we change to the product but the same, turn the world upside down, as in the past is the brand spirit of service. In the customer service service, Wei Wang has been in the industry leading position. "Zou Liwu talks about. Today, Wei Wang M50F is listed as the impact of high-end MPV market brand opportunity. Service by the Guangzhou auto show on the occasion of the launch of the Almighty high-end MPV    happiness plus [free] service promotion policy, to bring real benefits to consumers. It is reported, M50F Wei Wang to bring consumers awesome Limited double free, launched the "almighty high-end MPV    [free] happiness with" customer service policy. Where in November 1st -12 month 31 during the purchase of the car users can enjoy the maintenance of free single plan (quality problem free life warranty) and maintenance free single plan (car within five years, presented with the maintenance of the 12). Only the top 10000 users Car Buying, unprecedented opportunity. Zou Liwu talked about: dare to make such a commitment to the strength of the sales, is derived from our confidence in product quality and strong service security system. From the beginning of the earliest Wei Wang 306 million kilometers without overhaul, Wei Wang brand quality and service reputation, has clearly passed to every consumer." The M50F maintenance unit Weiwang rapid calculation, single is 12 times five years warranty, to consumers from at least 3000 yuan in spending. Not to mention the face of the market out of order customer service, free to the 4S shop for maintenance, is undoubtedly the most assured convenient method. Fast credit record industry records according to the understanding, Beiqi Wei Wang since its establishment in 2011, has been adhering to the "fast, good faith" for the customer service standards, and put forward 1+N+X network layout. At present, the country has established a level of service network has 317, more than 680 satellite stores, forming a strategic layout covering the country. In May 2013, the first three packet Weiwang services in the industry, nearly 1000 service.相关的主题文章:

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