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Active in Chinese ocean models (focus) – International – work, foreign models in self Holly brand new large Classify shooting Thomas brand new film Sonic OCM is a well-known domestic brand new foreign blockbusters shot 2017 model walking in the street open China is attracting more and more foreigners employment in particular, in the field of fashion, many foreign models began to look for opportunities Chinese. This not only reflects the rapid development of China’s international talent is more and more attractive, but also reflects the rise of Chinese fashion brands and the process of internationalization. A busy work life lift models, especially ocean models, people usually think of their tall, clear water chestnut delicate facial features, as well as compelling beautiful shape. Behind the spotlight, how do Chinese foreign models work? British 20 year old female model Holly tells her work to the author: "every day I get up early, boil the coffee, do a healthy breakfast, and start the day’s work is mainly: interview and shooting. If you get an interview with a photographer or designer, you will start shooting. Sometimes in the studio, also often go to the outdoor scene." Sonic is a model from Russia, China is the first stop of her career. She admitted that the model works very hard everyday shooting, time is not fixed, even the weekend may also have to work, sometimes in the winter or summer summer winter shoot shoot. "But this is the work of the model." Sonic said. After work, she will go out to see movies, shopping or walking around the city of Beijing, the experience of the city. There are also many male models come to china. The man from Slovakia model Thomas told the author, male models with different female models, the muscle remains very important, so he in the diet with chicken, egg and vegetables, will never eat chocolate, cola like sweets, do not eat Steamed Rice. Besides, Thomas goes to the gym every day. "Sometimes it’s too late to work, but it’s still going to work. It’s not just work, it’s my hobby." Thomas said. Foreign models who live in China will also learn some basic chinese. To the Chinese Lorena often said: "learning Chinese first is the need to survive. When I first came to China in 2005, there were very few people who spoke english. Now working in China for a long time, and gradually understand some of the usual shooting of the relevant terms. I hope I can learn Chinese better in the future, but it is really a difficult language to learn." European models come in a throng in recent years, China fashion industry is developing rapidly, demand for models more and more, especially with the development of electronic commerce is becoming more and more popular, people buy clothes on the Internet, will be "in pictures of models as an important reference for their own. Due to the outstanding figure of foreign models, beautiful appearance, to China’s electricity supplier enterprises and consumers to bring a new sense of vision, which has been widely welcomed by the model, at the same time, it is also a foreign model相关的主题文章:

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