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A Seto grand Tencent to create pictures "dinosaur" Alexis express Tencent entertainment news September 17th, the theme of "new exploration · total growth of the Tencent ‘annual conference held in Beijing, at the press conference, a popular global international Super IP," express "Alexis dinosaur debut, a famous Japanese producer Seto grand also came to the scene, introduces the project life and is worth looking forward to the high expectations of the future. A Seto grand and Chen Hongwei "express" Alexis dinosaur is Japan in 1978 to play the tokusatsu series. Chinese aired on 1988, dubbed by the young people welcome. The play was dubbed "thrilling tokusatsu". Covering topics such as: the magic of time travel, 70 million years ago, the age of dinosaurs in the invaders, valiant era fighter, and other adventure elements, by domestic and foreign audiences alike. The movie "dinosaur" Alexis express pictures Tencent deputy general manager, Olajuwon studio general manager Chen Hongwei pointed out that "the dinosaur express" is a congenital Alexis for Pan entertainment development IP classic incubator. A grand Lai also said: "this work is 38 years ago, the father of Altman in the Japanese company to do a full-length TV works. In 38 years ago, the film Bureau has already included elements such as through time and space, space aliens, super weapons, even today as a big movie is still very attractive elements. In the movie creation, but also as a first attempt at the show, do a good interactive exploration and Tencent can be pictures of Pan entertainment, whether it is in the peripheral products, or games, have great possibility for the development of." A Seto grand teacher as Japan’s international producer, developed and produced such as "the ring" and other numerous popular international blockbusters. As a Tencent pictures signed co producers, the future will be the "dinosaur" as a precedent, together with the dream studio together to explore Japan and international development and production of IP. The 2016 conference theme of "new film Tencent to explore · total growth". The press conference, the pan entertainment in the thought of taking IP as the core under the guidance of the focus on "young", "unique", "high quality" and "connect" four major labels, film Tencent bursts of 21 film projects, and announced the exploration of artists brokerage business. Personnel training, Tencent pictures will be through the "NEXT IDEA" program to support young film talent, also announced the signing of Niu Chengze and other backbone established strategic cooperation satellite studio. The conference lasted two hours, showcasing the progress and thinking of this film was founded the Tencent for a year. Vice president of Tencent, Tencent group pictures CEO Cheng Wu attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference invited the world famous film Tencent co writer David S. Goyer, director Lu Chuan, Zhang Xiaobei, Yang Shupeng, Ma Boyong, Chise Takashishige, writer producer Maki, actor Chen Shu, Damian Lau and other 40 members from the video segments of the cooperation on behalf of the stage, to complete the project.相关的主题文章:

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