A man in Hainan turn the iron gate leg pierced steel (Figure) agogoktv

A man in Hainan turn the iron gate leg pierced steel (Figure) a man turn iron leg pierced steel. Correspondent Li Haiying photo South China Sea, South China Sea network client Haikou October 31st news (South China Sea network reporter Chen Wang correspondent Li Haiying) 0:42 on October 30th, Baoting fire command center received the Public Security Bureau police district forestry bureau at the door: relatives of a man crossing the gate when the unfortunate to steel pierced the left leg. After receiving the alarm, the fire brigade rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. At 0:50, the fire brigade arrived at the scene, the scene after reconnaissance found that a 40 year old man was hanging in the iron gate, the left leg was pierced at the top of the steel reinforced iron, penetrating the man leg length of about 20 cm. A man turned leg pierced steel gate, Baoting fire rushed to the rescue. Correspondent Li Haiying photo according to the site, the fire brigade immediately ordered the rescue speed class breaker shear using reinforced, good safety protection in the injured, in the scene to help police station and the masses, after just a few minutes, was cut off from the bar. Then in the fire officers and soldiers and medical staff together, the injured man carefully carried to the ambulance, rushed to the hospital for treatment. Currently, the injured are further treatment, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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