8 secret men must die naughty怎么读

8 Secrets to lead men must defend: no matter how much you are lively and cheerful boys and girls, presumably there will be more or less some privacy. But the boys always can not help but hesitated, in order to protect these 8 secrets. A man must defend the 8 Secrets of 1 past romantic history as the saying goes, people are not promiscuous live boy, maybe your boyfriend was romantic looks completely beyond your imagination! But in the final analysis, these black history has become the past tense, what you need to do is to confirm whether he is serious with you, rather than focus too much on the past. Of course, if you don’t want to tell you that his past romantic history, whether it is at what point of view, in fact he is care about you from the bottom of my heart. If you love him, why is the brood on? The most important thing is not now? 2 he carefully prepared surprises in the special day or your birthday, if you think he is what you hide, don’t worry, because he may have been planning a surprise for you, is trying to coax you happy. Sometimes both girls sixth sense to spirit, a boy mind is hard to read, and to ask, not pretend not to know, to see how he behaves. 3 watch porn movie history record in fact, boys see porn really normal, but he will not tell you in general! Although now the network so developed, to be removed is not difficult to view records, but if you really do not care that there is no need not happy, this does not mean that he does not love you, but he also had normal demand. If this thing really makes you uncomfortable, so don’t be happy, tonight to punish him ~ 4 attention sexy men love sexy beauty, like girls love handsome, small meat that is actually a truth. Because you do not have to enlarge this thing, unless that person is not a celebrity, but a friend, colleagues, classmates, etc., then you need to pay more attention to the! 5 and how many girls have a sexual relationship in the communication, especially the lovers in love, and how many girls have sex is too sensitive. Say too little, and feel the other side is lying. If you say too much, you feel the heart is not the taste. So this kind of problem is not to ask, after all, the current and future is the most important. 6 the spirit of the spirit of the derailment derailment tolerance of this kind of thing, some people think that the spirit of the derailment It differs from man to man., no matter what it did not happen, some people feel the spirit of the derailment is a very serious matter, Different people, different views. Anyway, the boys inside there will always be "my girlfriend is not too much, if you really find signs wrong, don’t just beat a retreat! 7 girls can not be jealous jealous patent, boys jealous upset is sour. However, boys jealous may have a special place, they may not want to let you know. 8 in fact, he did not listen to you this situation is actually very common, just like mom blablabla talk non-stop, while his father looked like a newspaper. Is called a willing to play a willing to endure, irrelevant nagging…相关的主题文章:

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