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2017US global university rankings released! The top 50 Chinese universities have not been selected – Sohu education yesterday, "American news and World Report" U.S News & World Report announced the 2017 global university rankings (Best Global Universities Rankings)! This list and QS and THE World University Rankings tied for the top three list of authority. This announcement can be long in coming (October 6th) compared to last year, nearly 20 days late. This is the ranking of the world’s 1000 universities, the top 10 universities in the United States was almost occupied, only Oxford, Cambridge difficult to squeeze into the top ten. The top 200, the mainland has a total of 7 colleges and universities on the list, Peking University continues to rank first in the country, Tsinghua University and Fudan University in the top two or three. Compared to last year’s list of 8 colleges and universities, this year, a decrease of 198 last year, the Zhongshan University ranked the top 200. In addition, entering the top 200 Chinese Mainland University Rankings generally declined, in addition to the Tsinghua University gained 2, the other 6 university rankings have suffered different degrees of decline, in which Zhejiang University and Fudan University are the most serious decline. The name of 2017 ranking points in 2016 ranked Peking University 74.6 Tsinghua University 73.9 Fudan University 67.4 University of Science and Technology of China 66.5 Shanghai Jiao Tong University 66.3 Zhejiang University 66.3 Nanjing University 63.4 university rankings this year, the mainland Chinese University was the most eye-catching professional disciplines are: Material Science (68 schools on the list (57); engineering college; Chemistry (list) of 48 universities on the list); Mathematics (28 colleges list); biological and chemical (27 schools on the list); Computer Science (27 universities on the list), the domestic university in engineering and science have also maintained a good competitiveness. As an important reference for the choice of school rankings, US News’s best global university ranking not only undergraduate and graduate students of each university education level of integration, and the school’s academic research and industry reputation make accurate and comprehensive evaluation, using 12 indicators to give the school grade, 10 of them as the main index. The following is the specific ranking algorithm: 2017 World University Rankings ranked 12.5% in the global academic reputation index weight academic reputation 12.5% "most cited 10% publications cited 12.5% books 2.5% 2.5% conference papers cited 7.5% standardized citation impact index 10% papers published 10% publications for" 10% most cited publications "ratio of 10% international cooperation in the field of" 10% representatives of all publications in the top 1% most cited paper cited the "number 5%" publications accounted for all publications in the top 1% most cited papers of ratio of 5%"相关的主题文章:

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