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11 year old boy in a car accident nearly 1 months after the opening on both sides of the head has no skull – Beijing – reporter Li Xing "I have a dream to be an astronaut……" This is Yu Boxuan’s dream. The primary school to the sixth grade he, in a car accident in July 1st, let his dreams…… The 11 year old Yu Boxuan, who lives in Shijiazhuang Jingxing County Yao Xiang Jin Zhu Cun Wu jia. The morning of July 1st, Bo Xuan to help my mother to the trash, suddenly, a car passing by, he knocked. His parents rushed him to the hospital. The hospital performed an emergency head operation for him. After the operation, Bo Xuan skull on both sides of the head are not, the skin is the brain. Until the twenty-eighth day, Yu Boxuan just slightly opened his right eye, and gradually have a sense of. Yu Boxuan young age is very sensible, he studied hard, the results have been among the best in the class; he knows that parents are not easy, often put on the initiative to help her mother with four year old sister. For 44 days in the ICU in a hospital, Bo Xuan was transferred to the Hebei Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. The hospital organized an expert consultation for him to develop a rehabilitation program. "Because no skull occlusion can lie down rest, once every move the body, the brain will sway back and forth, will cause a brain injury." Attending doctor Wang Zhao said, now the hospital is for him to contact the implanted bionic skull for children, only the brain position stable, in order to carry out the next rehabilitation." However, the early operation of the hospital has spent about 300000 yuan, his parents spent all their savings, but also owed a huge debt. After the accident party paid only about 30 thousand yuan will no longer appear. Owners of car insurance for 200 thousand yuan, the insurance company paid $100 thousand." His mother Liang Haixia said that if you find a bionic skull, the cost of surgery to about 200000 yuan, within one year of the best rehabilitation period of treatment costs about $sixty thousand or seventy thousand. Yu Boxuan’s family appealed to the community caring enterprise, caring people lend a helping hand to help the poor child. Love account name: Liang Haixia, account: the rural credit cooperatives in Hebei Province: 623501013120017345, Tel: 13473973039.相关的主题文章:

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