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"Because of the" elegant red army colonel   Li Dongxue: the long march spirit everywhere – Shandong channel — original title: "because of the" elegant red army commander Li Dongxue: Long March spirit everywhere October 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Jiang Bo) the quality of war drama "warrior" is a major theme to commemorate the Chinese Red Army the victory of the long march 80th anniversary. The film with the Red Army Long March Dadu, flying from Luding Bridge historical prototype. About the fourth regiment a night raid 120 kilometers, led by the head of Huang 22 commandos, along with a hail of bullets flying from Luding Bridge feat. In October 12th, the movie "warrior" starring Li Dongxue, Nie Yuan guest entertainment "star face" column, talk about the war action movie scenes of the story. Many viewers are through "Zhen Huan biography"? "In a corner of the fruit Prince Li Dongxue known as the" warrior ", but actually and elegant the dust before the image of a red army, be quite different, as in the" warrior ". "He is a true God of war, because of the Red Army’s fighting in the history of the real war fighting, all is a culture, not the kind of image on the table to stare." In the interview, Li Dongxue admitted that the role is a new challenge, this is not only different from previous roles, and other more "ares" distinction, especially for emotional and very difficult to grasp. He admitted that the "yellow head" heart pressure many things and emotions, which makes it difficult to use a word to describe him, "a difficult task to make the" yellow head "of the character becomes more complex and difficult to force, because the force to play this role is false, but need to close. The play also have the strength. It’s difficult for me to grasp his sense of proportion in his emotions." Li Dongxue has his own understanding of the image of leading cadres of the foundation, "the character of the biggest feature is his compound, can only truly understand his political commissar, so shoot this movie for me is very tired heart." In fact, it is not enough to experience and shape characters only with limited content in the play. Li Dongxue read a lot of literature about the Long March period after receiving the script, there are some foreign missionaries and so on, the reporter’s memoirs, comprehensive understanding of this period of history. He also found the "Huang Colonel" prototype Huang Kaixiang, and carefully study the taste of his life, feel, and finally walked into the role of the heart. Li Dongxue said there may be some processing art films, but the role of the prototype to find his birth, with the person to join the Red Army, after the army’s nickname and deeds must all be known, "these things help us find the basis, then we can do some film art, he has done more the vivid power, in order to put the" shoot out "warriors of the soul, infect more people." What is the spirit of the Long March, Li Dongxue said, "as we play said, 13 of the chains to save People’s Republic of China, rolled up in People’s Republic of China." Combined with modern life 文雅“果郡王”变红军团长 李东学:长征精神无处不在–山东频道–人民网 原标题:文雅“果郡王”变红军团长 李东学:长征精神无处不在   人民网北京10月13日电 (记者蒋波)优质战争大戏《勇士》是为纪念中国工农红军长征胜利80周年的一部重大题材作品。影片以红军长征途中强渡大渡河,飞夺泸定桥的史实为原型。讲述红四团官兵一昼夜奔袭120公里,由黄团长率领22名突击队员,沿着枪林弹雨飞夺泸定桥的壮举。10月12日,电影《勇士》主演李东学、聂远做客人民网娱乐“明星面对面”栏目,畅聊这部战争动作电影的台前幕后故事。   很多观众都是通过《甄?传》中“果郡王”一角而对李东学熟知,但是其在《勇士》中却与之前飘逸出尘的形象大相径庭,在《勇士》里扮演一位红军团长。“他是一个真正的战神,因为在红军的战斗史中,真正能打仗会打仗的,全部是有文化的,不是拍桌子瞪眼的那种形象。”李东学在访谈中坦言该角色是一个新的挑战,此次不仅与以往角色不同,更和其他“战神”有所区别,特别是对情感收放的把握非常难。   他坦言“黄团长”心里压着许多东西和情感,这让我们很难用一个准确的词去形容他,“艰巨的任务让‘黄团长’这个人物变得更加复杂,而且很难发力,因为发力去演是假的,这个角色需要收着演,但是收着演得同时又得有那个劲儿。把握好他在情感上收放的分寸,这个对我来说是有难度的。”李东学对这个有底蕴的红军领导干部形象有自己的理解,“这个人物最大的特点在于他的复合性,可能唯一真正懂他的就是政委,所以拍这个戏的过程对于我来说还是非常累心的。”   事实上,仅凭借剧本中有限的内容去体会和塑造角色是远远不够的。李东学在接到剧本后翻阅了许多关于长征时期的文献资料,还有一些外国当时的记者、传教士等等的一些回忆录,全方位的了解这段历史。他还找到了“黄团长”的原型黄开湘,并细细研究品味其一生的所见所感,才终于走进了角色的内心。李东学大方表示电影中可能会有一些艺术的加工处理,但角色原型要找到,他的出身,何人带其加入红军,入伍后的绰号和事迹都要一一熟知,“这些东西帮我们找到依据,然后便于我们做一些电影艺术化的处理,把他做得更加鲜活生动有力量,目的是为了能把《勇士》的灵魂拍出来,感染更多的人。”   谈到什么是长征精神,李东学感慨到,“就像我们剧中所说的,13根铁链挽救了中华人民共和国,挽起了中华人民共和国。”结合现代生活,长征精神也无处不在。“无论你是从事任何职业,每个人都会遇到挫折,关键时候你靠什么样的力量、什么样的信念、什么样的气魄能够迈过去?我觉得通过《勇士》这部电影你可以有所汲取。” (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章:

4 game designer debut will stop them up borderland

4 game designer debut will stop them making lead: 2017 Paris fashion week has ended, perhaps because of the time difference and the holiday you can’t grasp the popular trend of the whole. But never mind, Sina are now inventory in the Paris fashion week on those wonderful news and dynamic show. (Editor: jeremy–young) 1: making a permanent continuous lace news Kardashian was robbing after U Kardashian Kardashian was first robbed after robbing words now regardless of fashion and entertainment, female stars to see the show time to Yan, while the show on their lot of news. This is not the United States socialite Kardashian first touched the bottom and robbed is enough ups. Take Gigi is his sister ass man touch card is this fashion week show off the toast, brother first in Milan took the Red Net supermodel Gigi fierce hit, and now made a comeback in Paris. Baby is not afraid of the accident immediately after the end of the work in New York to Paris to accompany his wife, baby is not afraid"! Speaking after Kardashian was still suffering from the shock. It is reported that the hijacking of the hotel security and forced its way, Kardashian tried to contact the bodyguard when the phone was robbed, then hands were tied in the bathtub. The robbers snatched the jewels and gold including 670 $4 million ring. Fortunately people have a good husband after the accident, Kanye immediately at the end of the work in New York to Paris to accompany the baby is not afraid of wife"! Stella McCartney first husband wear brand menswear show of affection: Stella McCartney first husband wear brand men say true love is timely assistance, but who are not willing to have an accident, this is not Stella McCartney’s husband would be the icing on the cake good, in the Stella McCartney 2017 spring summer fashion show, the female designer’s husband Stella McCartney men’s wear and what? Stella McCartney men’s clothes? Maybe, anyway, her husband was the first one to wear it. Making 2: Paris fashion week 4 designers first show to highlight the four debut and show the designer loving things, we say the 4 point said the first show of the designers of the Paris fashion week, they are from the Saint Laurent Anthony Vaccarello, LANVIN Bouchra, Jarrar Valentino Pierpaolo Piccioli (the first independent at the helm) and Dior Maria Grazia Chiuri. In addition to Pierpaolo Piccioli did not encounter the brand change, the other three are new official real office. For the three classic French brand, who took over is a naomenzi sweat (pressure ah), on the first show they are the foundation of the brand culture under the premise of respecting.相关的主题文章:

Industrial policy in the end there is no need to engage in caxa实体设计

Since the industrial policy in the end there is no need to engage in the Chinese Economic Forum 50 Huang Yiping reform and opening up, China’s economy has made remarkable achievements, but the industrial policy still seems lackluster. Or waste a lot of resources, such as local governments now settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, in response to the advocacy of "mass innovation, the entrepreneurial". Or like a swarm of bees, in a short period of time caused by the industry overcapacity, such as photovoltaic industry. In the end, is there any need for the industrial policy to adopt the industrial policy and the industrial policy? This is an important issue that scholars pay close attention to economic development. The issue of industrial policy may initially be related to the problem of "market failure". For example, the cost of innovation is high, the risk is large, but the income can not be fully internalized, it is difficult to develop new industries. In this way, if the government take some policy measures, may help overcome market failure. But there is no clear conclusion about the effectiveness of the intervention. The success of the case, of course, but most of the industrial policy is not successful. After the Second World War, some developing countries supported the "immature industry", which has not been developed for decades. Therefore, some scholars questioned the value of industrial policy: the government is smarter than the market? The so-called industrial policy, is a policy intervention taken by the government on the formation and development of specific industries of this intervention, can be all kinds of subsidies, can also be a specific administrative and regulatory means, in short is to help eliminate the bottleneck of the development of emerging industries. I am not an expert in the study of industrial policy, but I have been thinking about how to realize the upgrading of industry and the problem of the middle income trap. I understand the logic of industrial policy from the point of view of overcoming market failure. But what is the effective industrial policy? The answer may Different people, different views. I focus on the following five aspects: to adapt to the market, do not limit competition, cautious intervention, exit mechanism and post evaluation. If you can not do these, industrial policy is likely to get even more harm than good. The necessity of industrial policy on the role of industrial policy disputes, there are many reasons, there are factors of ideas, but also the implementation of the problem. Sometimes the same industrial policy and results, evaluation is not consistent. For example, the evaluation of industrial policy on the contribution of the East Asian miracle, there are differences. Chalmers? Johnson (Chalmers Johnson) is considered to be the main industry policy to promote Japan’s economic productivity and economic growth rate, while Heather? Smith (HeatherSmith) through the study of South Korea and Taiwan, but found that the main market is open and non industrial policy contribution. In addition, Hongkong advocates free market, while Singapore emphasizes government intervention. Which one is better? There seems to be no consensus. Even at different times, the conclusions are different. Some scholars hold a skeptical attitude towards industrial policy, which is easier to understand. China’s annual industrial policy, such as in 2016, the government decided to continue to support energy conservation and environmental protection, software, cloud computing, equipment manufacturing and light相关的主题文章:

In the ancient village Qiandongnan accounted for even drink three bowls of rice wine after Sohu Tour t6670

In the ancient village Qiandongnan accounted for even drink three bowls of rice wine after… I am Mamali Tourism – Sohu, pay attention to travel for a long time Mamali. Column: [city] find recommended language explore the mystery as the size of the city [Live] a hotel with the "reward" the attitude of the hotel [public space] see the "public" Museum [] and diners say two or three things on the delicacy [] Raiders purely practical good share [story] dry cargo travel that little journey "thing" [Mamali travel journal] talk about my journey of love like Qiandongnan in the village, covered by a dense forest, wood low shade, looks like a primitive tribe has. One day in the village a pat, met to wash my hair in the river, the old woman smoked tobacco and running barefoot children, everything is free. It is said that in 600 years, here do not intermarry with foreign basic. It is said that this super fun to eat glutinous rice wine. Ming mountain is located in the southwest of Anhui Dabieshan hinterland, inherited the Dabie mountain system, majestic scenery, the more exciting the glass cliff, so, Yuexi county is very famous travel destination. We heard a pedestrian to experience the cloud glass plank walk, already excited, it is 42 km far from the road does not seem very far away, on the way to feel the car very fast. Also, a good mood, have a heart dream destination, would have panshanlu carsick uncomfortable, say go over smile. It is said that this place is the watershed between the Yangtze River and Huaihe mountain, two major rivers, is connected to the ancient Wu and chu. According to legend, 2100 years ago, the Han Dynasty in ancient Nanyue, Mount Tianzhu, set to "Mingtang" and named in this mountain. We first take the cable car, got halfway up the hill for 15 minutes. After climbing more than 1 hours on foot. This way, shaungyan and full of beauty, admire the mountain as Mingtang Juanxiu graceful. Looking ahead, the mountains and the sky in an unbroken line, the border. As the ancient Taihu County said "three sharp peaks into the sky, very beautiful". Because the mountain is still in the deep mountains and forests Mingtang, maintain the original ecological natural, so called treasure and animal plant paradise. Here, the trees and rocks of various side by side posture, with beauty. In the quiet forest shuttle, is a kind of experience? It is enough to see the scenery, eyes, body and mind are joyful. Alpine trees close at hand, Qifeng rocks like another world, every moment with king, king with the heart. The most shocking is the path along the cliff! He is also a large number of passengers must experience the project. The mountain path along the cliff by high-altitude Mingtang cliff plank road, glass plank, glass house, glass gazebo, different materials, different positions, different feelings, greatly satisfy people’s curiosity of seeking novelty insurance! It is said that this all add up to a total length of 1300 meters along the cliff! Just imagine, standing 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters, ground drop of 400 meters on the glass, looking at the distant horizon gap of nearly 1000 can not fear! The path along the cliff cliff built by the emperor peak after the Goddess Peak around the periphery.相关的主题文章:

Sichuan Luojiang concrete in the construction site collapsed to 9 people injured (Figure) – Sohu new kimi wo omou melodi

Sichuan Luojiang concrete in the construction site collapsed to 9 people injured (Figure) – the scene of the accident rescue workers are searching for buried Sohu news workers. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Chengdu in September 17,   (reporter Liu Zhongjun) Sichuan Luojiang County Government Information Office informed that 17 day at 16:16 in the afternoon, a concrete construction site in the construction of the county in the process of collapse, killing 9 people were injured, including 1 seriously hurt. Luojiang county official said in his briefing, the 17 day at 1:50 in the morning, a construction site in the construction process of Luojiang concrete collapse occurred, 8 people were slightly injured, 1 people were in serious condition. After the incident, the local rescue forces rushed to the scene, according to the relevant regulations for on-site treatment, the injured were sent to the county hospital for further treatment. At the same time, Luojiang county government launched the emergency plan, the establishment of the county Party committee and government leaders for emergency work group leader to do on-site disposal, the wounded and their families emotional comfort, and quickly carry out relevant investigation. At the same time emergency organization, to carry out safety inspections again to ensure the safety of the work in place. At present, 9 injured in hospital for treatment of severe injury, after treatment after stable vital signs, consciousness. Casualty treatment and disposal of the accident investigation is carried out in an orderly manner. Author: Liu Zhongjun相关的主题文章: